What is Natural Medicine & Holistic Nutrition | Kaleidoscope Wellbeing
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What is natural medicine and holistic nutrition?

So much more than just diet and lifestyle advice

As a degree-qualified natural medicine practitioner and holistic nutritionist, I’ve studied health from a naturopathic, functional perspective, covering anatomy, physiology and body systems, biochemistry and nutritional biochemistry, pathophysiology and symptomatology, pharmacology, pathology and nutritional medicine. I’m trained in holistic health and lifestyle assessment, dietary analysis and planning, integrative natural treatment of health conditions, prescribing nutritional supplements, prescribing and interpreting functional pathology tests – and of course, evidence-based practice.

A 360° view of your health

The average GP consultation is 10 minutes. There is no doubt that GPs play an incredibly important role in our health care, but appointment times do not allow for detailed analysis of diet, lifestyle and chronic symptoms, or education and support to make changes.

I take a 360° view of health. I spend considerably more time with you than conventional medical practitioners, listening and gathering information to develop a thorough understanding of you as a whole person. I look at ALL aspects of your wellbeing including your genetics, health history, diet, lifestyle, work, relationships, life circumstances, environment, stress levels and outlook on life, as all of these aspects have contributed to where you are right now. My goal is to use this information to uncover the underlying drivers of your existing health issues and biochemical imbalances – to find and treat the causes wherever possible, not just treat the symptoms.

Harnessing your body’s healing power

Your body possesses a natural ability to resist disease, self-regulate, and heal itself if given the right inputs and support, and holistic nutrition taps into this. My treatment plans are designed to remove barriers to your health, bring your body’s interrelated systems back into balance, fortify its natural defenses, harness its healing power and reduce the risks of disease. Read more about how I work with you.

Regaining and optimising your health

Natural medicine and holistic nutrition really comes into its own with the treatment of chronic health conditions for which you may not have been able to achieve relief through conventional medicine. These include the effects of chronic stress, fatigue, poor sleep, low mood, digestive issues, hormonal imbalances, chronic inflammation and many more. It’s also particularly useful to optimise health over the long-term, and prevent the diet and lifestyle-related diseases which are so common today, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, obesity and type 2 diabetes. Read about health areas I can help you with.

Understanding and support – every step of the way

It’s hard to make significant changes without support. We all need expert guidance, education and encouragement from time to time, as well as help tracking our progress and holding us accountable. Studies have shown that working with a health practitioner can help people make sustainable changes. See what clients are saying.

“Think of me as your partner in holistic health. I’ll listen and spend time understanding your health challenges and objectives. I’ll work with you to develop simple, achievable health goals, empower you to make changes, monitor your progress – and support you every step of the way. Together, we’ll work to create your optimal health and wellbeing.”

Accredited ATMS Practitioner